Chan Chemuyil is in the center of all the actives the Mayan Riviera has to offer.  Anything your heart desires, from Scuba Diving in Caves - Lazy beach days - Jungle Zip lining - Experiencing Ancient Mayan Ruins - Visting Caves and Cenotes - Jeep and ATV Rides - Mtn. Biking Single Track trails -Fishing - Kite boarding - Shopping - Dinning - Art - Dancing - Music - Eco Chic " Hipster " Lifestyle - Yoga - Spa - Spanish Language Class's - Mexican or Mayan Cooking Classes - Beach Bars as laid back as you can get or how about fast passed adventure theme parks...

There is something for everyone, just minuets from the Chan Chemuyil neighborhood. 

Mayan mtn. biking
Cenote Nicte Ha
Cenote Dos Ojos
Coban Ruins
Xplor Adventure Park
kite boarding along Tulum Beach
Acnietn Mayan Ruins

Incase you wondered why this area is called the Maya Riveria, its becuase of the beauty of the entire area including the beaches and the vast amount of Ancient Mayan Civilization that can still be seen today.  Also, the majority of the locals who are born and raised in the area are of Mayan decent.  There are many large and small towns and cities from the ancient Mayan Civilization that used to dominate this area, centuries ago.  Tulum, Coba, Xel-Ha are just a few that people in Chan Chemuyil can access within a few minuets drive or in the Case of Coba about one hour drive. 

If you are looking for a great low key activity with lots of learning and an interest to understand the people in the area and their culture and history, I recommend checking out a Mayan Ruin. 



Cenotes look like fresh water lakes in the jungle.  They are actually old caved in sink holes that expose a portion of the water that flows underground.  You will see in Chan Chemuyil, we actually have two that are fully accessible for anyone to swim in.  There is family run Cenote just west of the neighborhood called Xunaan-Ha, another at Xcacel Beach and several more.. You could probably spend a week just visiting Cenotes in the area.


Kite Surfing 

The beaches from Tulum to PLaya Del Carman,  offer great kiteboarding conditions and incredible scenery, perfect for kitesurfing. The Tulum beach is one of prettiest of the Mayan Riviera. Soft white sand, no big rocks, shells or concrete and just a few people.

Air temperature 20°C to 28°C. Great spot where learn how to deal with the waves, perfect for jumping and tricks on the flat passing the wave. Water Temperature 23 to 28 C

Dominant winds: NE, E,SE. Respect to shore: onshore, side-onshore, sideshore. Wind strength: 12 knots to 25 knots. Blowing at: morning, afternoon, evening, night. Best season: January, February, March, April, May, December.

Chops inside the reef, situated at about 600-800 meters from the shore. Waves break on the reef in the right conditions, but in most places it’s too shallow.

Mountain Biking 

Many people do not know, but the Riviera Maya is also a fantastic bikers paradise for both Road and Mountain bike. Because the Yucatan is predominately made of lime stone, with very little elevation the trails are flat and routes are through the jungle over underground rivers, along beaches and through mangroves.  As far as road bikes, the 307 offers many great opportunities for long and wide safe riding.  Didn't bring your gear but want to try out some single track riding in the jungle?  Check out Punta Venado Bike Park

snorkeling and Diving

People from all over the world come to Chan Chemuyil to rent for their diving adventures.  Chan Chemuyil is surrounded by Cenotes to snorkel in, just off Xcacel beach is a wonderful coral reef that people spend hours investigating, as well as the local beaches like Akumal to see the Sea Turtles, and Yal-ku Lagoon, or Dos Oyoes Cenote park.  

Adventure Parks

This Adventure Park idea has really caught on in the last 15 years.  Many of the Adventure Parks you will see on your way down from the Cancun Airport all claim to be Eco-Friendly. So that means they have taken every precaution to maintain the natural environment as well as make sure their opporating of these massive facilities does not have any negative effect on the environment.  Believe what you want, I am just letting you know what they like to advertise..

The parks all provide some form on family entertainment and are all regulated to follow the strictest safety practices.  I personally have tried most of them and they range from high adventure heart pumping activities like Zip lining to a more relaxing adventure like a sit and float down a lazy river kind of experience.  The important thing here is that all these adventure parks are all within a short ride away from Chan Chemuyil.  You can even take a Colectivo to them from the neighborhood and back.  Click  Adventure to take you to a page that can tell you much m0re. 


Note: I am not endorsing any companies on this page.  I am just using the websites and links as a way to spark interest in you - the viewer. I would expect anyone looking for information will do their own research. You are more than welcome to drop a line or a question on the Contact Page. 

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