Taking a taxi ride in Mexico is an exciting experience. Mexican taxi drivers have a sixth sense for navigation and avoidance of collision. It must be something at the molecular level and unintelligible to non-taxi drivers.

Mexican taxi drivers belong to a secret organization. Each branch of the organization has a different color for their cars. They all however follow the same code of conduct.

Mexican taxi drivers are generally:

  • Polite

  • Helpful

  • Courteous

  • Safe drivers

  • Honest

  • Friendly

NOTE: We have been ripped off by the odd taxi driver but we have also had taxi drivers charge less than the rate and actually have had them hand us back money after we have offered the fixed rate which is surprising.



Here are the taxi rates for Playa del Carmen:

[Driving North] From Playa del Carmen to:

Hotel Royal Haciendas-Sandos Caracol                             160 pesos

Le Reve-Azul Fives-The Tides-Petit Lafitte                          200 pesos

Hotel Grand Princess                                                          240 pesos

Hotel Mayakoba-Grand Velas                                             250 pesos

Hotel H10-Secrets Capri                                                     270 pesos

Blue Bay-Tres Rios                                                             300 pesos

Hotel Catalonia-Maroma                                                     320 pesos

Iberostar Playa Paraiso                                                       350 pesos 

Mayan Palace                                                                     350 pesos

Puerto Morelos                                                                    450 peso s

Aeropuerto de Cancun                                                       650 pesos

Cancun Center                                                                    670 pesos

Cancun Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone)                                   700 pesos

[Driving South] From Playa del Carmen to:

Xcaret, Xplor                                                                      160 pesos

Paamul                                                                               250 pesos

Hotel Hard Rock                                                                270 pesos

Puerto Aventuras                                                               300 pesos

Barcelo, Bel Air, Escencia, Catalonia                               300 pesos

Hotel Dorado Seaside, Palladium                                     325 pesos

Hotel Grand Sirenis                                                           350 pesos

Akumal                                                                              380 pesos

Yal Ku Lagoon                                                                   400 pesos

Bahia Principe                                                                   420 pesos

Xel Ha                                                                                570 pesos

Tulum                                                                                 640 pesos

Prices based on Feb. 2018 rates. Prices subject to change.

Maximum four passengers.

Beyond Cancun or Tulum: 6 pesos per additional km

Taxis hired from certain taxi-stands or getting a taxi at night can be a little more expensive [check with the driver before departure].  



Getting Around

How to Get to Chan Chemuyil


Chan Chemuyil's Colectivo Palapa

On the corner of Hwy 307 -Mexican Rd going toward the Neighbourhood



What is a colectivo?

A Colectivo is a form of transportation in Mexico that is generally geared towards moving people around Mexico’s many roads and highways. Quite often the Colectivo is a mini-van.  In tourist zones such as the Mayan Riviera the Colectivo's are new vans with air-conditioning.


The colectivos run from Cancun to Playa del Carmen then from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, and back, all-day, every day.


Cost Between Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Ranges from $20 pesos – $40 pesos depending on distance.

Running Times: 24/7 every 15 minutes


Cost Between Playa del Carmen and Tulum

Ranges from $20 pesos – $90 pesos depending on distance.

Running Times: 4:30AM – 11:30PM every 10 minutes

NOTE: The rate is fixed so if you only go 1 km you still pay the full fee.

To get a ride on one, just go out onto the 307 and stand around and wait until you see a van approaching you.  If it blinks its lights on and off then its telling you it has space and can pick you up if you desire.  Once you hold our your handout and wave it down, it will stop and you climb in. Just let the driver know where you want to go.  v


Chan Chemuyil COLECTIVO STAND ( Palapa on the coner of the 307 and the gravel road )  

Located roughly 45km's south of Playa Del Carman, Chan Chemuyil is easy to get to. Take the 307 Highway south from Playa Del Carman or Canun or Akumal and look out for signs for the turn off to he town of Chemuyil, you will eventually drive under the overpass that would take you into the town of Chemuyil. 

Keep going south for another roughly 20 meter's, on the right you will see a green sign pointing out that you are approaching Chan Chemuyil, then just at the turn off there is a new brown Palapa ( Hut ), that says Chen Chemuyil on it.  Turn right down that road, in less than a minuet of driving down that road the colorful homes of Chan Chemuyil will be visible on the left side.

Drive down whatever street you want.  You have found a little piece of paradise.

Welcome !!



You MUST have Mexican auto insurance.

Do NOT trust auto insurance coverage offered by your credit card unless you have it verified in writing that you are covered driving in Mexico.

When purchasing insurance your coverage SHOULD INCLUDE claims adjusters that will come to the scene of an accident, and an attorney. You are not allowed to move your vehicle and the police may detain you in the event that anyone is hurt until fault can be established.

If a traffic accident does occur, the police may impound your vehicle, especially if there is no one there to help you defend your rights such as an insurance adjuster and/or an attorney.

In the event that someone is injured and you are found responsible, you might not only be held liable for that person’s medical expenses but also for financially supporting them and their dependents until they recover. Save yourself the aggravation and buy the insurance.



Pemex is the Mexican government’s monopoly gasoline and diesel fuel chain. There are two grades of gasoline currently available in Mexico – Magna Sin (unleaded) at 87 octane and Premium Magna Sin at 89 octane.

Gas prices vary all over Mexico.

Gasoline prices are significantly lower in border cities such as Tijuans, Mexicali, Nogalis, etc., when prices on the U.S. side are lower than the normal prices in Mexico. This is done to discourage Mexicans with border-crossing cards or visas from driving into the United States to buy the cheaper gasoline.

Gasoline is also less expensive in the state of Quintana Roo [Cancun – Mayan Riviera] because of 5% less tax.

Since early 2008 most Pemex stations in the more populated areas of Mexico have been accepting Visa and MasterCard. However it’s wise to ask first, because some stations (especially in rural areas) do not yet accept credit cards, or their card readers may not be functioning due to network problems.

Pemex stations accept U.S. currency.

The rule of thumb is when ever you see a gas station, fill-up. Do not enter the jungle with half a tank of gas unless you know exactly where you are going.

If you stick to main highways you will encounter frequent gas stations. Sometimes the station will not have any gas [usually around Merida or the Chiapas]. There will usually be something telling you not to bother driving in. No cars is generally a good indication that there is no gas.

All gas stations have attendants. Every gas station we have ever been in has a small convenience store and you will usually find someone who speaks English if you need help or directions. Some gas stations are quite popular with the locals and is a sort of hangout. At these stations expect many peddlers. 



In Mexico they have a saying, “there is one road to everywhere.” If there is only one road then it is designated as a federal road and thus maintained by the federal government. These roads and highways are kept in excellent condition. If the government decides to build a new road paralleling an existing one then the old highway becomes the responsibility of the local landowners. These roads generally fall into complete disarray and destroy vehicles. The road along the coast at Majahaul is a perfect example.

It is comforting to drive on such nice highways because any highway/road other than highway 307 will have totally confusing signs. Almost every sign you will come across is in Spanish only. Also the numbering system is confusing. There appears to be old signs mixed with new signs. The numbers do not correspond with highway numbers on existing maps. Sometimes you can have a situation where there are two different number signs and the map has an even different number leaving you to wonder where you are going. On maps quite often the village named is not the right name of the village or the village calls itself something different than the official name. Many villages are not on the maps.

All in all however it is recommended to use map(s).  


As the years go on, getting around from Cancun to Tulum and further south are getting easier.  There are many more options than my first days here slinging my back pack and sleeping on the beaches in a hammock, 28 years ago.  I encourage you to try all of them.  Biking - Driving - Taxi - Walking - Colectivo.  Using a combination of these methods is very common, particularly going to Play Del Carmen or the Tulum beach area.  Xcacel Beach or into the town of Chemuyil from Chan Chemuyil is always more fun by bike or walking if you are able to.  Getting around this part of Mexico is part of the adventure so make the best of it, put some planning into it and most of all make sure your safe.   There are other methods I have not mentioned such as private transport to and from hotels and the airport, for more details on private rentals etc, make sure you do some research.  


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